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The Origin of Big Muddy Patches

I'm M, and I'm glad you're here! 

My intro to the Toyota world began many many years ago. That little redhead in the photo? *That's me!* And that's my dad's old Toyota Land Cruiser. I learned to drive in that old friend when I was thirteen-years-old. She was a stick shift, had no power steering, and rode hard out on the old country roads I started driving on. But man did I love that vehicle.

Though we were all sad when Dad traded her in, he replaced her with a red Toyota pickup truck, which I also fell in love with. My family has been through many more Toyotas since. 

Thanks to Dad, I've also grown a love for Toyotas over the years. Recently, I bought my first 4Runner, and let me tell you, I LOVE IT. One of the things I didn't expect to love was Toyota themed patches. Recently, I discovered, I like designing them as much as I do collecting then.  

And from those two combined interests, Big Muddy Patches was born. 
The name Big Muddy, not only referring to the big muddy patches Toyota drivers are fond of playing in, but also the nickname for the Missouri River. Growing up, my family spent a lot of time camping, fishing, and boating on the river. Now, as an adult, my family and I live right on the river, along the Nebraska and South Dakota border.  
I hope you'll enjoy the coming patches. I truly have enjoyed designing every single one of them! 
👋 M @ Big Muddy Patches